Keynotes and Career Development Workshops

We help your employees create an A-Z roadmap to success

this is unlike any career development keynote and workshop you’ve ever seen. group size: 8 - 100+ people.

Sr. Communications Director at Medtronic:

“The feedback from this session was incredible - people LOVED the presentation and appreciated the time to think about their careers in a completely different way. Thank you for making such a huge impact on our team. It was a “WOW” and inspiring for all!!”

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meet the speakers

Candyce Penteado

Candyce has spent her career standing in front of full classrooms and audiences all over the world. Whether you are talking with her one-on-one, or sitting in an auditorium with thousands of other people, she will keep you engaged and entertained. Her humorous and wholehearted approach will leave you feeling personally connected to her message and compelled to go live your life on purpose. She is the owner of The People Side, a leadership development and executive coaching practice in Minneapolis, MN and co-author of the book Finding Your Z.

Michelle Newman

Michelle Newman is a certified coach with a 20 year track record of leading life changing conversations. She has deep expertise in helping people navigate career decisions and accomplish their personal and professional goals. She is on her personal path to Z by helping other people change their lives one letter at a time. Michelle is an Executive Coaching and co-author of the book Finding Your Z.

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the keynote

In this highly interactive session, we will help your group align their personal goals with their professional goals so they can navigate their career with confidence.

In this conversation, we will go beyond traditional career development to help people realize the LIFE they want, not just their dream job.

As executive coaches to CEO’s and business leaders globally, we are highly experienced at getting people back in the driver’s seat of their lives, so they can accelerate their career on purpose.

The session starts with a simple question: “If you imagine your life as an alphabet, and “Z” is your ideal life, what letter would you be at right now?” Using this simple framework, we will help your audience define their “Z” and consider what letter they are at relative to their definition of success. We will also help them evaluate any life decisions they need to make using the idea of moving forwards or backwards along that path.

Using storytelling, straight talk, and personal reflection exercises, we immediately empower people to make more confident career decisions and continue these life-changing conversations both at work and home.

keynote overview

Experience is 90 minutes including Q&A

-What is your z?

-Understand your What, Why, Who, & Where

-create your ideal life

It’s that simple, but it’s that powerful. The alphabet you learned in kindergarten is helping many adults have professional and personal breakthroughs. Talk to us today to get started with your business!

career development workshops

Our half day or day long career development workshops take the keynote experience and give employees an opportunity for deeper understanding, engagement, and breakthroughs! If interested in this, contact us to see how we can best provide value to your company. If you’re not sure if you want a keynote or career development workshop, we will help you decide which one will best suit your company or organization!