an A_Z roadmap for realizing your ideal life

Do you ever feel like your life is stuck on auto-pilot? Or worry that you are realizing someone else’s dream for your life? If you have reached a reflection point, we can help. As executive coaches we have enabled thousands of people to get back in the driver’s seat and navigate their life on purpose using this simple framework:

Imagine your life is an alphabet, and you are trying to get to Z. 

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O p Q R S T U V W X Y Z

If “Z” was your ideal life what letter would you be at right now?  Once you define your Z, and recognize your current letter, you can use the linear nature of the alphabet to evaluate any life decisions you need to make — what would get you closer to your Z? How many letters closer to your ideal life will that new opportunity take you? Would it be worth the trade offs in other areas of your life?

That’s the idea.  It’s that simple, but it’s that powerful.  The alphabet you learned in Kindergarten has helped many adults have a breakthrough and articulate to others what they want most.  Which leads us to why we are here.

We want to inspire you to GO

Find Your Z!

Your “Z” is the dream you set at the end of your alphabet. We believe the question,“What is your Z?,” is better than,“What do you want to be when you grow up?” because Z is not just a dream job…it is the manifestation of a life well-lived.

To reach Z, means you accomplished what you were capable of.


finding your z Keynotes and workshops

This is unlike any career development keynote or workshop ever! Organization size of 8-100+ people.


Finding your z stories

Candyce and Michelle have been traveling the country gathering stories of people who are on their path to “Z.” These videos will inspire you to go on your own life-changing adventure!

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Finding your Z book

The book Finding Your Z shows how a simple coaching framework can help people redefine and realize their ideal life. Using compelling storytelling and engaging exercises, this new book will help people envision their “Z” and align their life decisions with their life goals.