The Life Changing Adventure Series

stories of real people on their journey to Z


Candyce and Michelle are traveling around the country with Tyler Bishop Studios to capture the inspirational stories of people who have decided to push past comfortable and live an extraordinary life. These stories will motivate you to identify and realize your “Z” too.

As you watch their life changing stories, we invite you to ask yourself “The Big Questions”and consider what YOUR life story could be.

WARNING: these videos challenge you to live your life on purposE


Amy Schweim

Amy is pursuing her passion as her profession. She is the owner of Women’s Radical Pursuits — a travel adventure business that combines her love of mountain biking, yoga, and Latin culture.

The Big Question:

“IF I COULD DO anything, what would I do?”

Andy and Michael Nelson

Andy is a stage-four cancer survivor, devoted husband, coach, musician, and daddy. He reflects on how the “blessings of cancer” brought his family’s Z into focus.

The Big Question:

“If I had a blinding flash of clarity, what would I know for sure matters most to me?”

Are you living an inspiring life?

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